​​ ​In this book is a true story about an aggressive and

  conniving adult bully, and the years  of consequences

  that followed his workplace bullying.

  Are you working in a hostile working environment?

  Do you have to put up with hostile co-workers or

  managers? Do you witness cover-ups and notice

  a secret agenda going on by  some of your teammates

  where they are manipulative, distrustful, misgiving, and  deceptive, creating undo stress with   a constant barrage of bullying and harassment  in  the work place? Are you the bully’s main     target?

This is an excellent book exposing the business world's darkest, and best kept secrets            around. Targeted Exposed is a true story about a man whose life and career became  ruined    by a very aggressive workplace bully, who used deformation of character, a lot of  hostility,  and made any company he was working for or visiting at into a hostile work  environment.    This not only created a lot of emotion and undue stress to his victim, but  also to all the  witnesses he came in contact with as well.

  This book documents what a horrific and destructive bully, who first acted as Bob’s best      friend and then later suddenly turned on him in the office where he worked. Out of no  fault of  Bob, the bully began his reign of terror in the workplace back in 2005.

  He continued with his bullying tactics, defaming Bob, every chance he got, to the point      where Bob lost his last job in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in January 2013. This bully actually    kept tabs on Bob, following him as he worked around the country, doing his bullying,    defamation of character, and other harassment techniques in several job locations,  where Bob  found work. This is the behavior of a very sick man. That’s why Bob calls him a  “pathological serial work place bully”.

 Since his Pittsburgh experience, Bob had decided to go on an anti-bully crusade to help  others who are currently being bullied in the work place. Bullying is horrible. Adult  bullying  is much worse, especially in the work place.

  In many companies workplace politics even allow this to happen and the management    continues to cover up this hostile behavior. They need to pull their  head out of their  butts  and make this behavior strictly forbidden, and ensure its banned, and most  important  condemn and punish those bullies once and for all.

 No one talks about it or even admits that bullying even exists, but it does. And those who  are victimized by this behavior are all good employees who end up either finding work  elsewhere, or being terminated.

 The business world needs to put “STOP BULLYING” as one of their main slogans for their  workplace. Bullying ruins lives and in some cases, even kills. So wake up corporate world  and realize what you are allowing is simply wrong.

 There are ways to stop bullying. In Bob’s book, he gives the reader many suggestions to  help  those who are being bullied in school as well as in the workplace. He also discusses  as to  what all the witnesses should do to help put a swift end to such workplace  harassment.  These are ways to stop a bully in their tracks and they are discussed in this  book.

  Workplace bullying devastates the lives, careers, and families of millions. In this  completely  updated new edition, Bob added back in the names and locations of the  companies where the  bullying actually took place. The names have been changed to  protect both the innocent and  the guilty.

 Bob’s anti-bully campaign is continuing to grow where he focuses on giving advice and  support to other’s targeted with Workplace Bullying. Bob’s web site:  www.bullyproofnetwork.com is filled with bullying information and several links to where  the victim can go to for the much needed help and support they need.

 When searching the internet, you will find many bullying stories and bullying facts. Bobs  story is amazing and its really unbelievable that he lived through it.

 Currently, Bob also works with other anti-bullying organizations, which help our children  who  are being bullied your schools.  

Targeted Exposed

Targeted - Exposed - True story of a pathological, serial work place bully

Bully Proof Network